NMHC Regulations

  1. NMHC Procurement Regulations
  2. NMHC Personnel Regulations
  3. Definition of a First Time Home Owner Rules
  4. Direct Family Home Loan Policy and Procedures
  5. Loan Processing Procedures
  6. NMHC/MPLT Home Loan Regulations
  7. Section 8 Program Grievance Procedures
  8. Section 8 Rental Assistance Programs Administrative Plan
  9. Section 8 Administrative Plan for Rental Assistance Programs
  10. Policies and Procedures for Homebuyer Activities
  11. Policies and Procedures for Homeowner Rehabilitation

(Note: Regulation information was obtained at the Commonwealth Law Revision Commission (CLRC). Emergency Regulations and amendments to any of the NMHC regulations may not be updated on the provided links. For more information you may visit the CLRC website at www.cnmilaw.org .)