Hearth- Emergency Solutions Grant

In 2009, the HEARTH Act was passed by Congress to assist people regain their stability in permanent housing. As a result, the Emergency Solutions Grant Program was implemented. The Emergency Solutions Grant focuses on Rapid Re-housing and Homeless prevention for individuals and families that are homeless and are at riskt of losing their homes. 

In 2011, NMHC and various service providers selected the Karidat Social Services (Sub-grantee) to administer the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) program. The NMHC does not manage the case management of the ESG clients or potential clients. The NMHC's role is funding the program and ensuring that the Sub-grantee meets the program requirements and adheres to all program regulations governing the ESG program. 

Due to limited funding of the Emergency Solutions grant the Grantor agency encouraged the grantees to use the ESG grant allocations to focus on the Rapid Re-housing assistance to families who qualify under the "literally homeless" category. 


Summary of the Program: 

For more information please feel free to contact the Karidat Social Services at 1+(670)234-5248 or you can contact our office.