Hafa Adai and Welcome to the

Northern Marianas Housing Corporation Website

Northern Marianas Housing Corporation is the Commonwealth’s key provider for housing, mortgage and community development programs.  Its activities and accomplishments throughout the years are consistent in its commitment to continually move onward with its mission of being an essential part in our community as a service provider of housing, mortgage and community development programs.  NMHC continues to provide “safeness, security and a sense of community” for all residents who choose to call the Commonwealth “home” through its homeownership or rental assistance programs.

Even with every challenging year, NMHC made significant contributions in making the Commonwealth a better place for families in which to live.  NMHC is committed towards providing a safe, decent and pleasant environment – a sense of community for families.

The Corporation is committed to working hard to achieve its objectives and on-going accomplishments.  Although it recognizes and provides assistance to families who are in need of temporary safe, decent and sanitary housing, its concurrent and paramount objective is to assist those residents of the Commonwealth who have yet to become home owners.

In closing, individuals contributed to the accomplishments of NMHC. The continued dedication and commitment of the Board, management and staff played a major role in NMHC’s accomplishments and reaching its goals and objectives.  The executive and legislative leadership have also contributed significantly in helping NMHC with its housing and community development projects.  The HUD Honolulu Field Office deserves recognition for without HUD funding and technical assistance support, our accomplishments would not have been possible.  Our efforts will help to achieve an environment that provides a sense of community, where families are safe and happy, and their homes are equally safe, pleasant and affordable.