Housing Choice Voucher Program


Program Summary

Program Summary


The Section 8 (New Construction) Housing Assistance Program is a Federal Program that provides housing assistance to very low and low-income families. The Federal Grantor is the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which through a Housing Assistance Contract with Northern Marianas Housing Corporation (NMHC) administers the program throughout the Commonwealth. NMHC manages a total of 132 housing units, which are located in Saipan(Mihaville and Koblerville) and in Rota and Tinian.

NMHC is the Public Housing Authority (PHA) for theCommonwealth.



The Housing Choice Voucher is also a Federal Program funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that pays rental subsidies so eligible families can afford decent, safe and sanitary  housing. NMHC administers and manages 363 housing choice vouchers throughout the CNMI, which are located in Saipan, Rota and Tinian.

Under this program families select and rent units that meets the program Housing Quality Standards. If the PHA approves the family's unit and tenancy, the PHA contacts the owner to make rent subsidy payment on behalf of the family. However, the PHA may not approve a tenancy unless the rent is reasonable.

The Housing Choice Voucher, subsidy is based on the Payment Standards established by the PHA, that reflects the cost of the unit in the local housing market.

The family may rent a unit anywhere within its jurisdiction where the PHA runs the program. To receive the assistance, the family selects a suitable unit. After approving the tenancy, the PHA enters into contract to make rental subsidy payment to the owner to subsidize occupancy by the family. Once PHA executes the contract with the  owner, it will only cover a single unit and specific assisted family. If the family moves out of the lease unit, the contract with the owner is terminated. The family may  move to another unit withthe continued assistance as long as the family is complying with the program requirements.

These programs assist families in paying the Fair Market Rent 30% of their adjusted income or 10% of their gross income, whichever is greater. Families without income will be fully subsidized and the program pays the entire contract rent.



Applicants meeting the eligibility requirements are placed on the Program Waiting List, and are categorized in three (3) different priorities:

1. Without or about to be without a family shelter:
     a) Involuntarily displaced from their home due to natural disaster
     b) Government Eviction
     c) Provide action/supporting documents to prove the above status.

2. Paying in Excess of 50% of income for rent.
3. Living in substandard housing.

All applicants on the Waiting list are required to update their application at best, every three (3) months, or if there is any change in the following:

1. Contact Number
2. Address
3. Employment
4. Family size composition (either increase or decrease)



It is emphasized that Section 8 is not a permanent, longterm shelter. Families are encouraged to maximize their potential and to strive for less dependency on government assistance.


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